OTP Bank Romania: The Gratitude Market in Romania increased by more than 1,6 million thank you

OTP Bank Romania: The Gratitude Market in Romania increased by more than 1,6 million thank you

OTP Bank Romania announces the results of the contest launched last year on the Thanks Bank digital platform, the largest online project dedicated to gratitude among Romanians.

1,600 participants became content creators (video, gif, photo, audio) in which the message was Thank you. Beyond the desire to be creative, users have completed their work through their efforts, investing 220 hours in content creation - the equivalent of 10 days of uninterrupted work. Their need to be part of a large project, whose main objective is the gratitude and the increase of the level of gratitude in the Romanian society, has resulted in approximately 7,000 thank you messages.

At the same time, the mobilization was high also among the visitors of the platform, who turned into juries and voted their favourite content. Thus, over 25,000 votes were registered during the 2 months of competition within the Thanks Bank campaign.

The success of the competition and of the project started by OTP Bank Romania is also reflected in the large number of users who reached the campaign message - over 1.1 million.

We also want to thank those who have understood our approach and who supported the momentum of Thanks Bank campaign. It is important to change our mentality and attitude towards gratitude both personally and collectively. We will continue this year, as well, with the One year of thanks project and we hope that we will continue to have the support and trust of all those involved in this project.”, said Mihaela Duică, PR Manager OTP Bank Romania.

We recall that in October, 2019, on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of its activity on the local market, OTP Bank Romania launched the Thanks Bank, one of the largest digital projects dedicated to gratitude, aiming to increase the level of gratefulness at national level. Also, the Thanks Bank is a national premiere, being the first of this kind launched by a company in the banking field.

The initiative came as a response following a study of OTP Bank Romania that analyzed, at national level, the culture of gratitude among Romanians: when, how and how much they say "thank you", both online and offline.

About OTP Bank Romania

OTP Bank Romania, subsidiary of OTP Group, is an integrated and self-funded provider of financial services. With an approach based on responsibility, commitment and professionalism, OTP Bank Romania understands its clients' needs and the current market context, being a reliable partner in the area of financial services. The bank ranks 9th by assets in the top of Romanian banking players, as of September 2018.

OTP Group celebrates on 70 years of existence, while the Romania subsidiary marks 15 years of presence on the local market. By today, OTP Group has grown into a dominant player in the Central-Eastern Europe market and is regarded as a major banking group even on European scale. The community of around 36 thousand OTP staff serves over 18.5 million customers in 9 countries daily.