Social responsibility

Activity OTP Bank

We believe in change and the power of the desire to do good, in a world where good deeds are welcome. We can do so much for those less fortunate than us and we can bring them closer to the natural rights that we enjoy.
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Right to Education

Young people need to learn the value of money and how financial resources work to their benefit. Economic context and recent studies show that the level of financial education in Romania is below average, which validates the necessity to develop the financial education of the new generation. It is a mission that we all have the duty to take.
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Right to Read

In the five years since the launch of the campaign, the results have exceeded our original expectations: 167 schools received over 101,000 books and furniture, so now more than 32,000 children can enjoy reading.
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Social responsability annual report

Download the annual social responsibility reports OTP Bank Romania.
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Donate 2%

Support financial education and redirect 2% of the income tax for 2016 towards the Right to Education Foundation till the 25th of May.
Support financial education! For their future and yours!
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